[taking a personality test]

test: What do you do to catch the attention of the opposite sex?
me: hopefully i don’t catch it


I love playing Brienne of Tarth because, when I was growing up, I didn’t really see people on television that I felt that I could identify with. Women all looked kind of a particular way, women characters that were popular, anyway. And when I had the opportunity to play this part, it made me explore the parts of myself I had hidden from. I had very long hair. I wanted to look very feminine, really tall. (x)

"I was born in Paris, and it’s a beautiful place, but London feels like home. I like the village feeling, I like running in the parks - even the food isn’t as bad as it used to be.


Game of Thrones Makeup by Allison Chase (click for larger view)


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Hogan McLaughlin Fall 2013 Collection




Can we talk about how hard agreeing to this must be for Katniss? She’s been fighting her whole life. She fought to keep her sister and her mother alive for all those years. She fought in the 74th Hunger Games and fought through the agony of surviving through it. She fought through the 75th Hunger Games, and is now fighting through being without Peeta. She’s seen countless people die right in front of her, yet here she is, agreeing to fight. Inevitably agreeing to witness more people die. She knows she might be the peoples’ last hope, and as easy as it would be to step down from her position of The Mockingjay, The Symbol of the Rebellion, she persists on, because that’s the kind of person Katniss Everdeen is. 

please let´s talk more about katniss everdeen, because how fucking brave you must be to accept to be the last hope of thousands and thousands of broken people, how fucking brave you must be to put that weight on your shoulders and carry it on while you yourself are broken, tortured and damaged..can we also talk about how when the bombing started she was the first to stay and defend the hospital, she said she would fight and she did it, and the best part she didn´t even think about it..it was her first instinct to protect those people , she is accepted the role of their leader , but the role of their guardian is something that she choose herself without even realizing..talking shit about katniss everdeen should be forbidden by law

It was my arrow, aimed at the chink in the force field surrounding the arena, that brought on this firestorm of retribution. That sent the whole country of Panem into chaos.


Highlights of the new “Mockingjay” trailer